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Brutal Town

“Brutal Town”

Starring Allie James, Rock, & Alex 

Allie is  in her bed room drawing in her book. 2 crazed tortures men break in & strip, rape & beat the teen while ruffly fingering & stuffing cock in her throat.  Allie puts up a good struggle, but succumbs to the shear power of the 2 men. After awhile of that action, Allie is hawgtied & taken to a torture chamber. Where she is whipped bloody, electrocuted with a cattle prod, gagged with cock & strangled. Then her lifeless body is ravaged by a necrophilic.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Can’t Tell Nobody

“Can’t Tell Nobody”

Starring Marilyn Moore

Directed by JohnM

Marilyn is undressing for the day slowly peeling her jacket and bra off before slipping out of her little denim skirt and being completely naked, nothing feels better to her and she flops down on the bed touching herself and rubbing her pink pussy and moaning in pleasure.

What she didn’t expect was her peaking in on her from the crack of the door, but he was so flooded with sexual desire for his hot naked niece he comes in stroking his long hard cock, “hi Marilyn, you sexy body just does something strange to me and I had to come in,” he explains.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Gun Fun in a Leotard

NEW“Gun Fun in a Leotard”NEW

Starring Aspen Ora


Aspen is having a bad day, which is unfortunate, since she is wearing such a sexy, skin-tight leotard. In 14 different scenes, we see her threatened at gun point and forced to kneel, beg and plead for her life. Watch as the gun wielding assailant grabs her hair, orders her to kneel, dance and anything else that will amuse his perverted mind. When she is at his mercy, he fondles her lithe body, the thin material of the leotard stretched taut, like a second skin. He rubs the barrel of his gun over her hard nipples and between her legs, violating any sense of decency.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Ember Stone

Directed by JohnM


Ember is enjoying a little sexy time on her own, bringing herself to the last orgasm she will ever know. Abruptly, an attacker lunges at her, choking her into unconsciousness. When she awakens, she is handcuffed on a dirty mattress, her attacker masturbating himself as he watches her. Her thoughts of escape fall away when he points a big, black gun at her, his lethal intentions clear. She pleads and begs for her life and he tells her that if she can suck his cock good enough, he may let her go.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE