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Emma and the Rope

“Emma and the Rope”

Starring Emma Scarlett

Directed by JohnM

Aaron has captured a sexy frightened little slut. She stands before him trembling as he demands she take off her clothes, forcing her to strip for him slowly. Once naked he begins to fasten cuffs around her wrists and ankles, ensuring she can’t run. Pulling her by her hair he moves her towards a noose hanging in the middle of the room. He body grows weak with fear and she begs for him to stop as he lowers the loop around her bent neck. His souless eyes pierce into her as he pulls the end of the rope tight, pulling the shivering captive to her toes, her eyes bulging as the air is cut off. She fights to stay standing, as he hangs her and releases, toying with her ability to breathe and her threshold for fear. Letting her drop to the floor, giving her a moment of relief, he siezes her on the floor and pulls back on the rope as her bound feet and wrists search for relief, kicking sporadically and instinctually. Soon she finds herself at the end of her own rope and her body begins to go limp as her eyes roll forward in a death stare. Aaron removes the rope and leaves her there, legs spread.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

My Plan 2

“My Plan 2”

Starring Dixon

Directed by JohnM

Dixon lays freshly showered on the couch reading while her handy man gets to work on a termite problem. He pumps his barrel of bug juice as he looks her up and down. A little uncomfortable, she decides to move to another couch when he attacks her throwing her to the ground and nocking her out. Her body goes limp on the floor as he becomes viciously turned on by her helplessness and he begins to take advantage. He strips her down make, her bared breasts laying like cupcake frosting on her chest, he takes a test before pulling off her panties and eating her non consenting pussy.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Nurse’s Neck

“The Nurses Neck”

Starring Zoey Laine

Zoey is a sexy little nurse home from a hard shift. She begins to undress and masssage her aching muscles as she feels a pair of strong hands begin to rub her soft, tender neck. As she takes in the soothing rubs, she realizes she doesn’t know who’s hands these are. Startled, she turns to look but not quick enough to stop him from squeezing, choking her unconscious.

The stranger admires her neck as he plays a game of cat and mouse breath play with his victim tied to a chair, choking her unconscious several times. She struggles against his strange game as he uses her own stockings to choke her as well.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lovely Throat

“Lovely Throat”

Starring Zoey Laine

Max has a delicate little vixen captured in his bed, her wrists bound with rope to the headboard and arms outstretched. Her neck arches away from him as he pushed aside her gown to expose her breasts so that he can play and fondle with her nipples. He runs his hands across her neck lightly cupping her head in the other hand.

Terrified, she struggles against the ropes as he places his hands around her throat and squeezes firmly until she passes out. He continues to make light play of her necks running his fingers along its skinny length and prodding it. She wakes up to find a necktie wrapped around her throat as he uses it to choke her unconscious once again.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE