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Blackmailing Bitch

“Blackmailing Bitch”

Staring Nickey Huntsman

Directed by JohnM

Eric is sitting at a desk and very sluttily dressed, Nickey comes in. She walks up to the desk and demands to have her pussy licked. Taken aback, Eric hesitates until she demands he do it again. Eric hesitantly gets out from behind her desk and begins licking the little whores cunt. As he starts to relax she pulls out a gun and her phone and records what Eric is doing. Eric looks up and sees the gun and falls back as she tells him she will release the photos and let everyone know how he cheats on his wife if he doesn’t pay her gang.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bad Date 3

“Blind Date 3”

Staring Maddie O’Reilly

Directed by JohnM

Maddie sits on the couch telling her best friend about a terrible date and time she has had with a guy who has been a bit of a creeper. Quick to dismiss his strange behavior she promises her friend that he wouldn’t hurt her and hangs up. Just as she puts the phone down the “man of the hour” rushes in and drags her to the floor. Absolutely terrified she screams and demands to know what he is doing in her house. He uses a taser on her and she quickly realizes fighting won’t get her out of this. She begs to be let go as his fist pounds into her side. He cuffs her and begins feeling her up, lifting up her skirt to force his fingers inside her. A little dry, so he shoves his fingers in her mouth to get them wet. She begs to be let go before the crazed lunatic chokes her. Seeing she won’t play along, he tazes multiple times before choking her again and then tazing her in the neck. She passes out.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Kiki in the Dungeon

“Kiki in the Dungeon”
Starring Kiki Sweet

Opening on a dark dungeon Kiki is straining herself looking for a way to get out of these overhead handcuffs holding her petite wrists securely in place.

Kiki’s colorful hair is braided behind her ears and offsetting her big perky tits clad in a bright yellow bikini. She’s standing on her tip-toes and pleading with her captor and asking to “please let me free!” as he continues to flog her body as she cries in terror.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Beg for Your Life

“Beg for Your Life”

Starring Anna De Ville, C.K.

Directed by MaX CoXXX


Two sister’s lives become a living hell, when an armed man breaks into their apartment, demanding that they beg for their lives. Shocked and fearful, the pair kneel, cowering near the bed, pleading with the man to spare them. Ordering one sister to crawl across the bed to him, on her hands and knees, she does so, only to be shot in the head, a spray of pink mist coloring the air around her. The other sister is paralyzed at the sight of her sister’s dead body draped across the bed, but things are about to get worse. The man forces her to strip her sister’s corpse, until her tits exposed and her pantyhose are pulled down, her hairy bush in full view. Grabbing the remaining sister by the hair, the man forces the woman to lick her dead sister’s still warm pussy.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE