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Cunt Sister

“Cunt Sister”

Starring Daizy Cooper

Directed by JohnM

Nathan’s step-sister, Daizy, has seen him moping around the house, trying to hide his huge hard-on. She knows he just went through a big break up and she can’t help with the heartbreak, but she can sure help with those full, heavy balls of his. He’s a bit weirded out by the offer, but she is a fine, sexy black chick and he is pretty fucking horny. Once she wraps her full lips around that big cock of his, all hesitation leaves his mind. She deep throats him and sucks on his balls, but once she tastes her step-brother’s man meat, she just has to have that cock inside her. She bounces on her bro’s dick until he unloads a sack full of baby batter all over her.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

You Disappoint Me

“You Disappoint Me”

Starring Mary Jane

Mary has been a very, very bad girl, disappointing her daddy time and time again. This is why he now keeps her tied up in the closet and administers daily beatings, like a good daddy should. Watch as he takes her out, still bound and gagged, and places her over his knee for a hard spanking. She mewls and moans, but still won’t own up to how bad she’s been, so he takes a different approach. Tying her to the bed, her sexy legs spread wide so that her young cunt is exposed and defenseless. With a powerful vibrator in hand, he grinds it against her wet pussy, making her cum again and again, her wails muffled by her gag. Indulging in a little breath play, her covers her nose and mouth, while turning the vibrator up to high. Unfortunately, the ordeal proves to be too much for the brat, and she dies while orgasming her brains out. I guess there are worse ways to go.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Fuck Her, Kill Her

“Fuck Her, Kill Her”

Starring Stella Marie

It’s not easy trying to raise a sexy, sassy brat. Max knows this all too well. When his little girl, Stella, confesses to wrecking the car, once again, he just doesn’t know what to do. Remembering the phrase, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, he bends her over the couch for a hard spanking. When that doesn’t seem to be doing the job, he takes out own hard rod, to fuck some obedience into her. Her tender, young pussy gets pounded sternly, but the little slut seems to even like that, so there’s nothing left to do, but snap her neck and leave her for dead. Yep, raising bratty, little girls is very hard. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and start over.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Deadly Homecoming

“Deadly Homecoming”

Starring Angelina Diamanti, Kyaa & Ember Stone

It’s a huge, taboo orgy when brother comes home to find his three sexy sisters playing. He joins in on the fun, making sure each and every one of them cums and cums. Unfortunately, the fun comes to an end when he allows his paranoia to get the best of him. What happens if anyone should ever find out about his illicit family activities? They swear they won’t tell, but he can’t take the chance. He strangles one and snaps the necks of the other two, leaving three pretty corpses on the bed. The reunion is going to be a little awkward this year.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE