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Choke Me Daddy

“Choke Me Daddy”

Starring Ember Stone

When Max’s daughter started dressing like a slut in public, he though some rough treatment would set her straight. It turns out that she really liked it! Calling her a dirty whore and bending her over to get her bare bottom smacked got her engine revving like no one else had. But if Max’s hard-on is any indication, it’s gotten him turned on, too. Blinded by a lust they could not control, he treats his little girl to a hand choking, hair pulling struggle fuck that has her cumming like never before. Can she take it, though, or will the brutal minge bashing leave her as just another pretty corpse.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lucky Find

“Lucky Find”

Starring Moka Mora, Mary Jane, Sylvia Strange & Harley

Directed by JohnM

Nathan can’t believe his luck when he comes downstairs in the morning. All 4 of his hot, sexy housemates passed out, naked and lying all over the couch and floor. That must have been some party! They’re not getting up any time soon, so he delights in playing with their floppy arms and legs, squeezing their firm, young titties and wrapping their cool, soft hands around his hard cock.

Wait, cool hands? Quickly checking for a pulse, he starts to panic when he can’t find one. They girls aren’t getting up ever again. Nathan has been playing with a room full of corpses. He quickly leaves to Google “body disposal”; I sure hope he uses private mode or the cops will have a field day with him.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Assassin Academy

“Assassin Academy”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Directed by JohnM

Master Aaron is the lead instructor at a top secret assassin academy. His best pupil Audrey is about to graduate and matriculate into the world of high stakes espionage, manipulative sex, and murder. Or so she assumes. Aaron hands her the service weapon she will use to protect herself in the field and congratulates her. He adds a warning, reminding her that as a secret killer, she is not allowed to have any contact with the outside world.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Her Exploited Body

“Her Exploited Body”

Starring Amy Faye

Directed by JohnM

Eric has another one on his hands. Another pretty little dead girl. Before he makes her disappear, he needs to have some fun! Enthralled by Amy’s cold flesh, Eric strips her and plays with her limp limbs. He licks her dead pussy and gropes her perky little tits.

He continues to make full use of his latest necro fuck doll. Sliding her little shorts to the side, Eric slides his girthy cock into her lifeless pussy. He rolls her over and drags her body to the edge of the bed, so that he can pound away at her from behind, spanking her cute little ass.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE