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Casey’s Last Orgasm

“Casey’s Last Orgasm”

Starring Casey Ballerini

Directed by JohnM

Casey is in a dreadful mood. Her boyfriend has just broken up with her, so she’s feeling rejected and sexually frustrated. She flops down onto her bed dramatically and immediately raises her trusty smartphone to her face. She calls a sympathetic friend and vents about the days events. When the call is over, she feels a little bit better for having talked about her problems. The stubborn horniness remains, however.

After restless flopping from one position to the next –causing her round booty to wobble through her small pink shorts– Casey leans against her propped up pillows and runs her hand down to her moistening slit. She toys with her clit from the outside at first, slowly then picking up pace. Casey arches her back as she slides a manicured finger into her hungry pussy. She feels herself growing warm and creamy, wishing she had man here with a big, thick cock. The thought drives her to the edge of orgasm, and her generous tits jiggle as she finally cums hard.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Fun Turned Deadly

“Fun Turned Deadly”

Starring Christy Love

Directed by JohnM

Will can’t believe that Christy is drunk, again! Well, he’ll teach her to shirk her duties. He’s just going to fuck with her until she wakes up. And fuck with her, he does, throwing her floppy body around on the bed and peeling the clothes off of her sexy body. But it’s all fun and games until somebody finds a corpse, Will suddenly realizing that maybe there is a reason that she’s not waking up. Is she really dead? All I know is that Will has left town and he’s not talking.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Heinous Molestation

“Heinous Molestation”

Starring Kate Kenzi, Penny Lay & Sylvia Strange

Directed by JohnM

The orgy was great, but after hours of excess drug use and deviant, sexual activity, many of the participants have fallen into a contented sleep. A man, his libido unsatisfied, finds three, hot, naked girls lying in bed together. The scene is just too tempting for the man to resist. Diving into the flesh pile, he samples each of the lovely ladies, and their tight, little holes, one after the other. Wondering how he can blast all three of them with a single load of cum, he takes great care in lining their bodies up and takes aim. It’s not until he has fully emptied his balls on them that he becomes concerned that they never once woke. Searching for a pulse, he runs from his grisly discovery, knowing in his heart that this will be his most confusing boner ever.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Unpaid Ransom

“Unpaid Ransom”
Starring Pepper Hart

Poor Pepper. This sexy and rich heiress had been kidnapped, and a ransom demanded, but her cheapskate dad never paid up. Now the kidnapper has no choice but to murder her, to strangle the very life from her hot, young body, or else no one will ever take his threats seriously again. “Oh, well. Might as well make the most of it.” he shrugs, staring down at her naked, lifeless corpse. He spends the afternoon just playing with her; picking her up and swinging her around, rolling her across the floor and flailing her limbs to and fro. Of course, he’ll still have to find a way to properly dispose of her body, but what is life if you can’t take time to play around once in a while.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE