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Flop Motel

“Flop Motel”

Starring Mary Jane

He tried to convince himself that she wasn’t dead, that she was only drunk, passed out, but, deep down, he knew the truth. It was an easy enough lie. The party was crazy and it wasn’t unusual to see a slut or two passed out after these bacchanals. Hell, that’s how he got laid on most weekends. He tried to tell himself that he was just trying to wake her up, as he shook her limbs and removed her clothes. Sometime between dragging her body along the floor and swinging it around like a sack of potatoes, he accepted the truth. That he was playing with this girl’s corpse. And he was totally okay with that. In fact, he couldn’t believe how much fun it was. Do you have a corpse to play with? Call our number and get your’s today. But wait, there’s more! If you order now, we’ll send you, free of charge, a plastic shower curtain to wrap your dead body in and a box of condoms. Be the envy of your block with your own new cadaver. How can we sell them so low? Volume!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mary Jane Masturbates

“Mary Jane Masturbates”

Starring Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

Mary Jane is doing some at home autoerotic cardiovascular experimentation. She places the cold ear of the stethoscope to her luscious bosom and gauges her resting heart-rate as a baseline. Her hand slides down to her fuzzy bush and starts toying with her plump, naughty twat. The natural beauty of her incredible body is mind-blowing: her gorgeous full tits, thin waist, and accomodating, womanly hips. They all move as one as she brings her self to a heart-racing climax.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Daizy’s Out, Part 1

“Daizy’s Out, Part 1”

Starring Daizy Cooper

Directed by JohnM

Daizy’s back from a night of partying and it looks like she over did it! She stumbles to her bed, before collapsing into a drunken stupor. When her boyfriend finds her, he can’t seem to wake her up, so he starts to undress her for bed. Once she’s naked, however, he just can’t resist playing with her sexy body and floppy limbs, while groping her full, round ass and pretty titties. It’s not until later that he actually checks for a heartbeat. Uh, oh, looks like she’s dead. I guess he better find another girlfriend, but I wonder what he’ll do to her in Part2?For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Fun When Dead

“Fun When Dead”

Starring Stella Marie

Directed by JohnM

How was he to know that she was dead? The party had been crazy and she was far from the only reveler who had passed out from intoxication. Truth be told, he was probably not entirely with it himself. Seeing that tasty bit of trim, skirt already hiked up to her waist (who knows how many other guys had been inside her tight cunt?) and lying, motionless, on the bed, he was only thinking with his dick. Buried, balls deep, in her snug love tunnel, he never noticed he was fucking a corpse. Shoving his cock down her throat, it felt too good for him to care that she might be a little cold. He’ll dump his load deep inside her dead pussy and stagger off, never knowing that she will be just another stiff in the morgue in a few hours. How many more guys will do the same thing, before her death is discovered?For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE