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Electric Bride

“Electric Bride”

STARRING: Jazzy Jamison and Rock

Jazzy awaits her fate in a prison cell dressed in a brilliant, white wedding dress. A guard approaches. It’s time.

He leads Jazzy to an electric chair and she sits and waits patiently as the guard tightens several leather belts around her arms and legs, removing her sock and heels in the process. He places a blindfold over her eyes straps the helmet down onto her head over a wet sponge. Due to the violent nature of her crimes, she will soon receive 2,000 volts. Her last words are of pride that her husband and best friend are dead, rotting in Hell and that she will soon meet them to continue her revenge.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Tourist Trap

“Tourist Trap”
Starring Hunter & Kimberly
Directed by JohnM

What had been a relaxing and enjoyable vacation is now a horrifying nightmare for a mother and her innocent, young daughter. They were warned not to venture too far away from the rest of the tour, but they didn’t listen. Now they are captives, handcuffed together in a bare, dingy cell, their fate at the mercy of a brutal, paramilitary group.

By chance, they get a hold of a phone and the mother manages to call her husband. It must have been gut wrenching to hear the desperate, frightened pleas of his loving spouse and sweet, little girl. Even more so, to feel utterly helpless as both shriek, the phone snatched away, the line abruptly cut.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Death by Orgasm

“Death by Orgasm”

Starring Pepper Hart & Anna De Ville

Pepper had such high hopes when she first signed on with the company. So much so that she committed completely to them when she signed her contract, body & soul. Which is why her termination is so very painful. She signs the appropriate paperwork in a daze, her mind numb to what is about to come next; her execution. The company representative coldly tells Pepper to strip, her clothes being company property, as well. She slips her skirt off and starts to slowly undo the buttons of her blouse, the representative’s watchful eye adding a layer of humiliation to the dismal process. Soon, she stands naked, her most intimate parts exposed, and she is led into the execution chamber.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Basic Failure 5

“Basic Failure 5”

Starring Zoey Lane and Angel Smalls

Zoey and Angel are new recruits to whore spy training at the Spy Assassin School. It’s day one and the two girls stand nervously in their sexy little spy bikinis as their new boss explains that they must train themselves to hold off orgasm, because orgasming spies give up information. He informs them that if they fail this pre-test, they will be shot by simulated bullets and experience a 24 hour simulated death.

Standing side by side the two girls bend at the waist and insert their vibrating eggs into their already aroused pussies leaving the tails exposed, dangling from between their lips. The man increases the intensity, until finally it becomes too much for Zoey, and lets out a moan signaling her cumming. The boss shoots her and she falls to the ground in pain, only for her colleague to follow suit shortly after. The two girls fall into their simulated death for 24 hours. The next day the 2 girls are practicing in their beds. The two girls lays in bed rubbing their clits as they fantasize about getting the jump on their colleague and masturbating over her body.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE