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Hot Tub Hitman

“Hot Tub Hitman”

Starring Ashley Lane

Ms. Lane is a highly trained spy, assigned to find sensitive documents. She has located the room which her sources have told her it will be, and is conducting a thorough search. Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s her look out, warning her to get out of the room. She tries to escape, but she’s too late. A man walks in, leveling a gun at menacingly at her, and she freezes. He tells her to take her jeans off.

She obeys the obscene demand, but, once off, she throws them at him in an attempt to distract him and make an escape. Bolting for the door, she is too slow and is shoot in the back, falling to the ground, face down and motionless. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

I Can’t Lose You


Starring Kiki Sweet and Miles

Kiki is just hanging out in the hot tub when she starts not feeling very good. Something is wrong. She just feels really hot all of a sudden. She pours some water on her face to try and cool herself down but she passes out face down into the hot tub.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Miles is hanging out watching tv in the living room. He hears her splashing around out there and tells her to stop because he doesn’t want to fix the damn thing again. She doesn’t respond, which is odd. Suddenly he has a strange feeling that something isn’t right. He yells Kiki’s name with growing urgency. Still no response. He goes out to check on her. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Hot Tub Hitman


Starring Ashley Lane and Rock

Ms. Lane is highly trained spy. She’s on a mission to find a very important document. She’s received intelligence as to its potential location, and she begins to thoroughly, but carefully, search the room. As she does so, her phone rings, and an associate warns her to get out. She heeds the warning and begins to make her escape when a hitman enter and confronts her at gunpoint.

The hitman orders Ms. Lane to take her jeans off. Angered by her failure to complete her mission, she throws her pants at him and attempts to run for the door when the hitman shoots her square in the back. She falters and slides to the ground, face down. She is unconscious. The hitman flips her over and caresses her with the tip of his gun. He knows what to do with her.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE