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Strangled In A Raincoat

“Strangled In A Raincoat”

 Starring Lexi Tawny & Verronica Kirei

Directed by JohnM

We spy on the lovely Lexi as she primps and poses for sexy selfies. She’s restless and looking forward to meeting her new friend. The weather outside looks foreboding, so she throws on her new latex raincoat. She likes the way it complements her hair so much that she snaps a few more selfies before she leaves.

As she lays idly posting to her various social media accounts, the psychopathic strangler Verronica sneaks up behind her. The garrote is slipped around Lexi’s neck and she doesn’t notice until it’s far too late. Verronica tightens the cruel cord around Lexi’s neck and doesn’t let up until the girl stops thrashing. Poor sexy Lexi is left to lie on the couch, but at least her raincoat kept her dry.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

What Bad Girls Get

“What Bad Girls Get”

Starring Kate Kanzi

A concerned father is shocked to find his beautiful little girl naked and tied to a bed, lights and cameras set up to capture the pornographic acts of his not-so-innocent charge. A firm spanking is in order, but the feel of Kate’s smooth, round ass under his punishing hand awakens a lust in the man. A lust he knows is wrong, but is too powerful to resist. He fucks her hard and rough, her supple body helpless to do anything except yield to the overwhelming pleasure. Once their passions are sated, however, the gravity of what he has done drives the man mad. Mad enough to strangle his dear, darling girl, to leave a naked corpse on the bed.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dead Girls Don’t Wear Panties

Starring Hunter, Belle, & MaX CoXXX

A couple girls break into one of their parents vacation house to explore their lezbo sides. Just as they are getting down to it, a burglar comes in. He bashes one of the girls heads into the table. Then strangles the other one to death. The KO’ed one comes to & trips the burglar. Then he strangles her to death. Turns out he was looking for some TEEN panties……

Fetish Elements: (SC) Strangling X 2, TEEN, K/O, Post Mortem Pantie Removal Body Views.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bad Karma 5

“Bad Karma 5”

Starring Aubrey Sinclair & Verronica Kirei

Directed by JohnM

Two sexy girls, Aubrey and Verronica, dressed only in bikinis, have quite the rivalry and it’s gone too far. They take turns being the object of subjugation; one helplessly bound, while the other flogs, gropes and torments them. Bikini tops are removed, their exposed boobs become the target of cruel abuse. Their bare tits  vulnerable to the lash, all while each girl is defenseless. Then, they are left alone to wait for their next torment.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE