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Password Protected 2

“Password Protected 2”

Starring Ember Stone

MaX, a self-proclaimed “international fucking spy”, is creeping into the secret offices of a high security military installation. In his hand is a sinister looking black silenced pistol. He soon finds the laptop he is looking for, but is unable to access the files he came for, since they are hidden behind a sophisticated encryption. He will need someone who knows the password to access the secret files.

Just as he’s realizing this, he hears the sound of approaching footsteps. Someone wearing high heels by the sound of it. He hides behind a nearby couch seconds before Lt. Ember Stone comes into the room. Lt. Stone notices that her laptop has been disturbed and, upon closer inspection, sees that someone has attempted to access classified files. Like a good soldier, she immediately moves to radio base security. However, her call for backup will be thwarted.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Deadly Negotiations 2

“Deadly Negotiations 2”

Starring Ember Stone

Tax season has come and gone, and Max is late with his filing again. He enlists the help of cute, bookish accountant, Ms. Ember Stone. It quickly becomes obvious that Max will need to bend the rule quite a bit on his forms in order to avoid paying an arm and a leg to Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, Ms. Stone wants to do things by the book and refuses Max’s suggestions to help him fudge the numbers.

Annoyed by her morals, Max secretly grabs his pistol hidden beneath his chair and aims it under the table at Ms. Stone’s prude pussy. A shot rings out and Ember’s eyes widen. Searing pain surges throw her lower abdomen. Max just shot her in the pussy! She gasps for air and looks around in disbelief. Max calmly walks around the table and slides out Ember’s chair. All she can do is look on in horror as Max unbuttons her blouse and fondles her pierced titties while she bleeds out.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sniper and Necro 6

“Sniper and Necro 6”

Starring Zoe Clark & Mary Jane

Directed JohnM

Mary and Zoe are having a friendly chat in their Manhattan apartment. Little do they know a stranger is spying on them through a powerfully magnified scope. The sniper adjusts his sights and selects his target. The bullet pings through the window pane with a whistle and lands square in the middle of Zoe’s forehead. She drops instantly. Mary leaps up in a shock. Before she can ascertain what’s happening a second shot turns her skull into a pink mist.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Fate of Norah

“Fate of Norah”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by JohnM

She’s excited to meet up with her friend later for a night of carefree fun, so Norah is in a hurry to try on her new outfit. She strips out of her clothes, revealing her petites, athletic body. Her nipples perk up as the cold air hits them. Norah tears open the package of new pantyhose and slowly stretches them over her pretty feet and long legs. She dons her pink cocktail dress and makes sure her ass looks as good in it as she expected. Finally, she straps on her stiletto heels and snaps the requisite selfie before heading out the door.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE