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Bad For Business

“Bad For Business”

Starring Audrey Holiday & Verronica Kirei

Directed by JohnM

Ms. Audrey Holiday is high-priced divorce lawyer who specializes in financially fucking over the former husbands of her female clients. We find her breaking in her latest assistant, Verronica. The poor girl looks overwhelmed with the workload and Audrey’s domineering attitude.

Suddenly, their minor professional drama turns into a horrific nightmare. Aaron stumbles into the office carrying a pistol. He is visibly drunk and Audrey recognizes him as the ex-husband of a recent client. He tells her that he’s here to get revenge for her ruining his life. The women can’t believe it and start crying out of panic.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Act of Sin

“Act of Sin”

Starring Valentina Nappi

Directed by JohnM

Valentina comes home, zonked out of her gourd, and practically attacks her housemate’s cock. He’s just minding his own business, when this sexy sword swallower drops to her knees and pulls his dick out, stuffing it in her mouth. Did he just win the blowjob lottery? So image his surprise when the sauced slut passes out with a mouthful of manmeat!

Oh, hell no! That’s not how this is going to go down! Determined to finish what she started, he strips her naked, plays with her limp body and fucks her mouth until he cums down her throat. His case of blue balls relieved, he starts to realize that something’s not quite right with Valentina. She didn’t just pass out, she expired! Her housemate is understandably unnerved, but in the back of his head he thinks, “Doesn’t matter; had sex.”For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Immoral Proposition

“Immoral Proposition”

Starring Adria Rae

Directed by JohnM

Aaron is feeling horny, so he does what any of us would do in that situation. He calls a hooker to come to his hotel room. He gets more than he bargained for when the sexy slut that walks in turns out to be his little sister. Both are a bit shocked and embarrassed by the unexpected encounter, but they laugh it off, each agreeing to never tell anyone. There is just one little problem. She needs that money.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Christmas Surprise

“Christmas Surprise”
Starring Norah Nova

Christmas comes early to the CoXXX residence, as the man of the house discovers a large gift box in the middle of his living room. There’s plenty of surprise to go around, however, when he opens it to find his darling, little girl, dressed only in a Santa and red lingerie, looking like a slutty elf. Her shock comes from the sight of the older man’s stern look, when she was expecting her boyfriend and his stiff erection. Daddy’s shock comes from his baby girl offering herself up as a present and the big dildo she is holding, already shiny and slick from her wet pussy.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE