Starring Alice Whyte

When Max comes across one of the hot sluts that normally party at his house, naked and draped across the sofa, he tries to wake her up. When he feels for a pulse and can’t find one, he gets to thinking. Where some would find tragedy in the untimely death of such a beautiful, young girl, Max sees something else entirely. He sees a playtoy. Remember, Ceril, when they’re dead, they’re called hookers!

Max plays with her tight little body, before smacking his cock and balls on her pretty face and using her dead cunt to blow his load into. He pumps so much white, hot cum into her limp and lifeless body, that he’s going to ruin the medical examiner’s algor mortis calculations. Take that, Science!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stroking Until the End

“Stroking Until the End”

Starring Mary Jane & Emma Scarlett

Directed by JohnM

Two sexy sisters become entranced by the huge cock of their very own brother. They get on their knees and edge the poor boy’s pink flesh pillar, until he is moaning, becoming helpless putty in their talented hands. The horny pair show off their fantastic tits and kiss passionately, while milking that impressive manhood to an explosive conclusion.

He erupts and a geyser of genetic goo sprays his sticky sperm everywhere. Then, a second eruption occurs; an eruption of violence! We may never known if it was a methamphetamine laced soda from Mexico or an effect of long-term exposure to cell phone radiation exposure and video game gore, but he suddenly lunges forward and snaps both of his siblings’ necks, the sickening crunch of shattering vertebrae discordant in the quiet of the house. He places their limp and lifeless bodies in a variety of positions before leaving them, sprawled and exposed, on the living room sofa.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sent By Unit 614

“Sent by Unit 614”

Starring Mary Jane & Olive

Directed by JohnM

The spies in the elite Unit 614 never have to worry about retirement; they don’t live that long. Olive (Code Name: Brick House) has proven herself to Unit 614 time and time again, so when they suspect an enemy spy in their midst, they send her to check it out. When she catches a suspiciously underdressed Mary Jane snooping around, she shoots first and asks questions later. And by “ask questions” I mean that she rips the clothes off Mary Jane’s bloody, writhing body, until she finds a stolen flash drive nestled between her huge boobs. Another shot to the gut causes Mary Jane to pass out in agony, while a smug Olive looms over her.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Killer Photographer

“Killer Photographer”

Starring Emma Scarlett

Directed by JohnM

Emma is doing a sexy boudoir shoot with a well known local photographer. She lays on the couch, posing in nothing but a white men’s collard shirt as the photographer snap his photos. Her sex appeal is palpable as she shifts her body, blouse open, tits exposed from position to position, her dainty feet resting in some poses on the rug below her. The photographer approaches her to fix her hair, but it is too late when she realizes that he is holding a rag. The photographer quickly covers her nose and mouth with it as she struggles against him to get free, but soon she is out cold, legs spread, and pussy exposed for all to see. When she awakes a masked man, presumably the photographer has bound her arms and legs, a thin cord around her neck. Her eyes go cross as the strangler pulls tight on the cord. Her death doesn’t come easy, she struggles for several minutes under the pressure of the garrote. He tries to hush her as she suffocates bending real close to witness her very final moments. He takes such pleasure in watching them die. When he releases her, her head lays on the back of the couch. He pulls her to the floor. Grabbing his camera he realizes he has the perfect model. He snaps photo after photo of her in various poses, flopping her dead body about, contorting it to his will, the killer photographer.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE