Auto-Erotic Emma

“Auto-Erotic Emma”

Starring Emma Scarlett

Directed by JohnM

Emma is all alone, just waiting for her da**y to get home. She wishes she could be patient, like a good, little girl, but her tight, wet pussy needs attention now! Then, just as her fingers start to press through her panties, onto her stiff, love button, she gets a naughty idea. Why not make a video for da**y?

This sexy little minx dresses up in a short, plaid skirt, a white halter top and black, high-heeled boots. Once the camera is rolling, she seductively teases the object of her tab** desire, cooing about her lust as she slowly strips and rubs her kitty to orgasm. But then, little Emma decides to demonstrate her penchant for auto-erotic asphyxiation, turning this adorable love letter into a horrifying suicide note. When the man of the house gets home, he’s going to find this baby girl stiff and cold, but, probably, still pretty damn sexy.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE