Plans Gone Awry

“Plans Gone Awry”

Starring Violet Monroe

Max plans to surprise his darling, little girl, but he is the one who is shocked. Entering the young girl’s room, he finds her blindfolded and tied, spread eagle, to her bed, an array of lights set up in obvious preparation to film some erotic activity. His once innocent moppet, now exposed as a slut, filming her lewd behavior for anyone to see. Well, Max knows how to deals with sluts!

Without revealing his own identity, he toys with Violet’s clit until she is squirming against her restraints, the waves of orgasm after powerful orgasm driving her into a frenzy. Max unties her and shoves his cock down her young throat, which she slurps between her sexy, full lips, until her grabs her by the hair and roughly forces her around. Putting her on all fours, this fledgling whore is only too eager to take a fat pole from behind, too horny to care who is fucking her at this point. Once Max gets his satisfaction from the teenage tramp, however, it’s time for some tough love.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE