Gun Fun with Candle Boxx

“Gun Fun with Candle Boxx

Starring Candle Boxx

Directed by JohnM

Candle Boxx is trapped in a nightmare of recurring violent vignettes. Watch her fight for her life against a murderous assassin in a series of life threatening situations. The killer is skilled at getting the drop on her. Candle Boxx usually winds up gutshot and writhing on the ground. At times, she comes so close to getting the upper hand, but she is the loser in this eternal struggle.

Our killer repeatedly waits for Candle Boxx to die before carefully moving her body and stripping her down, revealing her gorgeous, round boobs. Other times, he catches her in the nude and we watch Candle Boxx struggle in the buff. Poor Candle Boxx, but at least we are treated to generous shots of her incredible body!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE