Sneak Attack

“Sneak Attack”

Starring Pepper Kester

Directed by JohnM

Special forces commando Pepper has infiltrated the madman’s secret lair. Unfortunately for Pepper, it is he who ends up getting the drop on her. He attacks her from behind with a gruesome military style k-bar knife. She fights him off bravely, but quickly succumbs to repeated stab wounds. Mortally injured but still alive, Pepper is forced to blow and fuck her attacker as the life drains from her sexy body. Even after she expires, her body is not spared a final defilement.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Just A Dickhole

“Just a Dick Hole”

Starring Zoey Laine

Directed by JohnM

Zoey has been a bad girl. Her daddy knows this and brings his own special discipline to the table. So, when she tells him that she has wrecked the car, yet again, he knows that she needs a hard spanking. Grabbing her by the hair, he pushes her over his knee. Flipping her short, plaid skirt up to expose her firm, young ass and white, cotton panties, his hands rain down to inflict stinging blows on her tender flesh. Stopping, he spreads her ass cheeks and pussy lips wide open and sees that she is getting wet from the supposed punishment. Bad girls don’t need gentle kindness, they just need daddy’s attention and any kind of attention will do.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE