Therapy Session

“Therapy Session”

Starring Cherish

Directed by JohnM

Famed sexual therapist Dr. Cherish may have just met her toughest patient yet. Let’s call him CB, to respect his privacy. CB has always had a very hard time opening up and being intimate with women. Dr. Cherish uses her therapeutic seduction to bring the repressed sexual urges out of CB.

Unfortunately, it seems CB has been suppressing his urges for a reason. You see, to CB, sex and violence are inextricably linked. Once Dr. Cherish starts stripping to get a reaction out of him, CB brandishes a pistol and unloads a searing chunk of lead into Cherish’s lovely chest. He proceeds to fondle and play with her body. Stripping her, sucking her perky tits, and sniffing her pantyhose clad feet! Well, you gotta hand it to her, Dr. Cherish definitely got her patient to open up.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE