Hot Tub Hitman

“Hot Tub Hitman”

Starring Ashley Lane

Ms. Lane is a highly trained spy, assigned to find sensitive documents. She has located the room which her sources have told her it will be, and is conducting a thorough search. Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s her look out, warning her to get out of the room. She tries to escape, but she’s too late. A man walks in, leveling a gun at menacingly at her, and she freezes. He tells her to take her jeans off.

She obeys the obscene demand, but, once off, she throws them at him in an attempt to distract him and make an escape. Bolting for the door, she is too slow and is shoot in the back, falling to the ground, face down and motionless. 

The hitman flips her over, admiring her sexy body and caressing her with his gun. Carrying her limp, unconscious form to the hot tub, he lays her across the edge. With a pair of scissors, he cuts her shirt off and slides her into the water, her blood seeping out the wound in her back and turning the water pink. She regains consciousness, and he begins to interrogate her, but she stays silent. Annoyed at her resistance, he shoots her twice in the belly. She thrashes about in the water, more blood leaking into the tub. Her attacker reaches in and pulls her panties off, the life ebbing from her, making her too weak to prevent the exposure of most intimate areas. She decides that she wants to cum one last time before she dies and reaches a gloved hand between her legs to rub her moist pussy. 

Masturbating furiously, in full view of the hitman, she teases her hard clit, parting the juicy lips of her snatch, until, at last, she cums, moaning and shaking. That is the moment that the man decides to end her, shooting her once in each tit. Then, he climbs in the tub, fucking her as she bleeds out. Once he is done using her broken body for his own amusement, he shoots her one last time, in the center of her chest, killing her instantly. He turns on the jets and leaves her corpse in the frothing bloody water.  

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blood, Shooting, Boob Shot X2, Belly Shot X2, Forced Sex, Spy, Hitman, Hot Tub, Socks, Gloves, Masturbation, Peril, Clothing Destruction, Carrying, Body Play, Body Views. 

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