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Mommy Dearest


Starring Jessi Summers, Ashley Lane, and Rock

Ashley misses her mommy while she’s away on a business trip so she sends her a sexy video of herself. Unfortunately she was so busy while she was gone she didn’t have a chance to watch it. But she watches it now and it is so fucking sexy to her that she starts to touch herself as she watches her daughter. She’s so proud of her baby girl! She cums while she touches herself to her sexy girl.

She calls in her and starts to touch her. She wants to experience the real deal. He starts to fondle her all over. Then she takes off her shirt, and starts to finger fuck her tight little pink pussy. She loves the way her mommy’s fingers feel inside her. They both want more, so mommy brings out the vibrator, soon followed by a strap on. She puts it on and her baby girl climbs on top and bounces up and down on her pink cock. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Hot Tub Hitman


Starring Ashley Lane and Rock

Ms. Lane is highly trained spy. She’s on a mission to find a very important document. She’s received intelligence as to its potential location, and she begins to thoroughly, but carefully, search the room. As she does so, her phone rings, and an associate warns her to get out. She heeds the warning and begins to make her escape when a hitman enter and confronts her at gunpoint.

The hitman orders Ms. Lane to take her jeans off. Angered by her failure to complete her mission, she throws her pants at him and attempts to run for the door when the hitman shoots her square in the back. She falters and slides to the ground, face down. She is unconscious. The hitman flips her over and caresses her with the tip of his gun. He knows what to do with her.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

A Manicure to Die For


Starring Jessi Summers and Rock

Jessi just got her nails done and she loves her new manicure. She got a cute new French tip manicure and it looks really sexy against her lingerie. She loves the way they feel too, so she rubs them all over her legs and starts to grab her nipples and play with her tits. She loves the way that feels and she’s really turned on so she starts touching her pussy with her pretty hands. She licks her fingers and starts to rub her clit, then starts getting more aggressive and fingers herself.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE