Dead Teen…… Good Handjob……

Starring Amber

On your way into a job interview you enter into the interns office by accident. Seams there has been some foul play. She is dead. Her fuzzy sweater & ample sweater puppies lurs you in for a closer feel. Man does she feel good! 
After a bit of contemplation, groping & fingering you believe the time is right for a good handjob!!! And a good handjob it is. You blow you load all over the fuzzy sweater…. Ahhhhhh….. 

“Now lets get that job” you think to your self
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Dia Zerva Strangle Necro

Starring Dia Zerva

We see Dia relaxing in front of a warm fire… One of her biggest fans has been following her for years…Maybe following is not the right word… He has seen every movie, video & clip Dia has ever made. He is the moderator of her fan club forum. He owns 4 pair of her worn panties. He has a signed poster & DVD……

But now…… He has her SOUL!!!

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Pantie Hose Strangle, Necro, DIA Fucking Zerva!!!

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Suspension Choking 3

Starring Hunter

Peril Death

A young woman has been suspended by her arms for hours.  Around her neck is a noose, the other end goes between her leg cutting between her pussy lips then up the top of a post. She has to either support her weight by her wrists or neck.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Bondage Peril, Pussy Rope, Choking, Body Views

Rape’N & Choke’N 3

Starring Syncere

Dude’s parents are out of town. He has this chic over who he is expecting to get a piece of ass off of….Poor Syncere. She just wants to hang out with this dude who seamed to be pretty cool…. Dude is not taking “No” or any other word for a answer. She can fight all she wants. Dude is getting what he wants…… Dude realizes that it will be way easier to just kill this bitch & fuck her dead body rather than put up with all this fighting….Dude is rewarded with a great necro BJ & necro fuck for his labors…For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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