1st Porn Shoot Ends In DEATH

Starring Hunter (formally Rose)

 Note:  This is Hunters (formally Rose)  1st ever sex scene

Hunter (formally Rose) is at her first ever porn shoot. The teen gets fuck every which way & she sure aint loose. When the scene is over she gets chocked to death.

Fetish Elements:    (HC) Nudity,  Amateur Sex Scene, POV hand Strangle,   Body Views

Doctor Raped & Killed Me

Starring Syncere

A rape victim goes to a Doctors office to get medical attention. The young woman shows the Doctor her bruised ass & explains how she got raped & beat in the parking lot of the strip club were she works. The Doctor then rapes the girl & snaps her neck. A bit of necro fucking is all that is left for her lifeless body.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Sexual Content, Forced Sex, Necro Sex, Neck snap, Foot Views, Body Views, Medical Theme

Belly Butt

Starring Charley

Your girlfriend wants to be shot in the stomach while she masturbates. You let her suck your cock for a minute, then you shoot her. All the while recording it.

Fetish Elements:    (HC) Nudity,  Strong Sexual Content,  Masturbation,  Body Views, Belly shot

Pussywomen Machineguned

Introducing Meadow & Elizabeth

Evil Pussywoman is burglarizing some hot DVD action when Good Pussywoman catches her red handed. A Cat fight ensues. Only to be interrupted by Machine gun. After he forces the Pussywomen to strip & do unspeakable things to each other  he machine guns them down for refusing to remove there masks.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity,   Body Flopping/Moving, Fondling, Body Views, Domination, Machineguning, Forced striping

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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