Drag’N Bag’N 2

Starring Amber

A women has been captured. She is tied by her ankles to a spreader bar & drug across a floor up into a ankle suspension. She is left to hang in tell a bag is duct taped over her head. That pretty much kill’s her.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Bondage suspension, Bondage, BDSM,Whipping, Paddling, Caning, Dragging, Up side down bagging, Body Views


Starring Syncere & MaX

This is Syncere’s first scene ever. I shot it to use digital effects. I just got to the point were I though I could do it justice.  Syncere is a bar score. Hot little 18 year old with fake ID looking to get fucked. Well it’s her lucky day!!! She sure does get fucked! Dead, alive, she gets fucked!!! Oh & the BJ… A must for any BJ fan!!! She spits, gags & just gets sloppy on the cock!!!

Fetish Elements:  

(HC) Nudity, Gagging Sloppy BJ, Belly Shot, Head Shot, Sexual Content,  Striping, Necro Sex, Body ViewsFor Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

I Smell Like Pancakes

Introducing Raven Hunter & Post Man

Post Man calls up a escort. Raven Hunter shoes up & tells him he smells like pancakes. Not cool. Post Man is going to get his noocky for free today. After a nice BJ Post Man goes down on Raven Hunter to take her mind off the hand around her throat.  While Raven Hunter is enjoying her pussy being licked Post Man is preparing to chock the shit outa her. He does, she’s dead, he bangs her dead body. The End!

Note: This is priced for the fetish content (as always). There is a bouns after the credits. There is also a long sexually charged set up & a nice necro scene. Enjoy!
For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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