The Cock or The Gun

Starring Ginger & Tessa

You can see threw a window 2 teen girls making out. If they are going to make out the least they could do is suck your cock. Into the place you pick one & tell her to suck your cock or you will shoot her. She begs but does not suck. Bang your dead you no cock sucking bitch. Now you turn to her girlfriend. You tell her the same “suck my cock or die” This one gets it. So she sucks, a gagging sloppy BJ at that. Once she gets you to spew on her tits it’s time to go. No witnesses. Bang!!!
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Morgue Score 2 Prequel

Starring Elise Graves & Grave Diggler

Young Elise is at the doctors office to get a check up. When she tells the doctor she has a head ache he sees his opportunity to get him some. He fucks up the does & Elise does not stay out. When she wakes he has no other chose than to strangle her. Once she is dead her puts her close on her & takes her down to the morgue.

Fetish Elements:   (SC) Nudity, Sleepy Molestation, Strangle, Limb Play, Necro redressing,  Pantyhose

Tie Strangle Untie

Starring Hunter

Hunter is at her first bondage shoot. After being tied up she squirms around for awhile trying to get away. Once she is close to getting away MaX steps in & strangles her. Get these ropes off & be done with this dead girl.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Bondage, Strangle, Rag Dolling, Body Views

Drowned & NECRO Fucked

Starring   Missy
Co Staring Stacy Love  & Grave Diggler
Also Staring Dave Chloe Paisley & Rufio

A group of friends are partying at the river. Missy sees Stacy Loves boy friend Dave go to hang a leak. Missy being the lil slut she is try’s to sneak after Dave to get some freaky with him. Well Stacy Love is no dummy, she sees Missy making her move on her man. Don’t let her name fool you, Stacy Love is a stone cold killer. She grabs Missy by the hair & drags her into the river & drowns her ass.
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Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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