Hung My Sister

Introducing Paisley

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Paisley has been sexually satisfying her older brother for as long as she could remember. It was not much of a big deal, Mama does it for MaX also……Paisley found her self a new man. They met at the wallsmart. It was love at first sight. Right there in the car battery section. He was looking for a 71 Fork pick’em up truck. She was looking for a 83 Gyo mini car. Only fate could have put those 2 batteries next to each other…..Paisley got herself a real fancy black lace lingerie to surprise her new fella. To bad for her that her brother MaX just happened home wile she was waiting…..MaX demands his usual, a BJ & like a good sister she gets down on her knees so suck her brothers cock. After swallowing his load for the millionth time she informs her brother that that was the last time…. MaX thinks he’s the one with the noose so he’s the one who’s going to decide when the “last time” is….. & that’s right after he is done hanging his sister…… The BJ’s were his favorite…… But he never turned down his sisters pussy!!! & this dead pussy is just as good as it had always been….Now I’s gots to find Mama…. Help clean up this mess Mama…

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Incest BJ, Incest Necro Sex, Pantie Hose, Necro lifting, Erotic Smoking Masturbation
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Kitty RYANNE’S Gassing

Starring Ryanne

Bondage Gassing
Kitty has to get her kitty checked. She does not know that her gyno is a evil villain who has figured out how to finally kill the Kitty Ryanne. The gas alone just serves to knock out the Kitty. Claw proof tape holds her in place wile the evil gyno takes the Kitty’s powers with his powerful vibrating wand. Once the wand has worked it’s magic the gas can fulfill it’s ghastly purpose…… To KILL Kitty Ryanne!!!

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Dead Fuck Toy

Staring  Meadow & Elizabeth

Meadow was strangled & left sprawled out in her home. Elizabeth in coming to see what her friend is doing. She aint doin much….. She’s dead!!! Elizabeth see’s this as a golden opportunity to finally get some hot lezbo action off her friend. She gets off & takes off. Meadow is but a DEAD FUCK TOY…

Fetish Elements:    Nudity,  Postmortem, Masturbation, Body Flopping/Moving, Fondling, Foot Views, Biting, licking, Body Views

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Choke Bitch Fuck Hole 2

Starring Jasmine Mendez

Jasmine breaks the bad news to MaX. She wants to be a dike. MaX Just wanted 1 chance to turn her back to the cock side of the force. She would have non of it. So……..

MaX does like MaX does……. Choke’s the lezbo wannabe to DEATH & fucks her corpse.
Fetish Elements:   Nudity,  Sexual Content, Hand Strangling, , Necro Sex, Foot Views, Body Views

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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