So you can’t get away huh?

Starring Jasmine Mendez

Jasmine shows up to a bondage shoot. MaX likes when the girls squirm around after they are bound. Jasmine just kinda lays there. So MaX rapes the lazy bondage model & snaps her neck. Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Bondage, Rape, Neck Snap, Foot Views, Body Views

Beach Bunny Rape

Starring   Paisley   Dave   Grave Diggler

Hot chic on beach  vs  Horny rapist dudes

Hot chic is lying in the sun looking all sexy when Horny rapist dudes run up on her & carry her off in to the woods. Once they get her there they RAPE & STRANGLE the shit out of the poor beach bunny & leave her for DEAD!!!

Fetish Elements:  (SC) 

Nudity, Outdoors, Kidnapping, Long Carry, Forced Sex, Panty Strangling, Close ripping, Forced Stripping, Forced Gagging BJ, Rape, Foot Views, Body ViewsFor Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Elise Graves Shot

Starring Elise Graves

There’s world famous Elise Graves getting off with a magic wand. Real
orgasms make her whole body quiver. Then the shot! She jerks from the bullets intact into her belly. But the orgasms are to good to stop & now the please with the pain heightens her enjoyment. Orgasmic enjoyment right tell death…..

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Masturbation, Hand Gun, Belly Shot, Body Views

Discount Gyno

Starring Candle BoXXX & Hunter

BDSM Bagging Death

Candle BoXXX is a bit broke due to republican economic polices. So she is forced to find a cheep way to clean her pussy. No better way than a “Discount Gyno”……Well maybe not so much…… Turns out this Gyno is a crazy murderous bitch. Every thing that comes out of her mouth is crazy talk & she just wants to kill!!!Crazy bitch gyno chloroforms poor Candle BoXXX & beats her for her own sick pleasure. Then she forces poor Ms. BoXXX to squirt over & over exposing her inner pussy…. Very humiliating….Once crazy bitch gyno is done sexually tormenting poor Candle BoXXX she holds a bag over her head until she is dead!!! What a bitch!!!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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