Dead Fuck Toy

Staring  Meadow & Elizabeth

Meadow was strangled & left sprawled out in her home. Elizabeth in coming to see what her friend is doing. She aint doin much….. She’s dead!!! Elizabeth see’s this as a golden opportunity to finally get some hot lezbo action off her friend. She gets off & takes off. Meadow is but a DEAD FUCK TOY…

Fetish Elements:    Nudity,  Postmortem, Masturbation, Body Flopping/Moving, Fondling, Foot Views, Biting, licking, Body Views

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Choke Bitch Fuck Hole 2

Starring Jasmine Mendez

Jasmine breaks the bad news to MaX. She wants to be a dike. MaX Just wanted 1 chance to turn her back to the cock side of the force. She would have non of it. So……..

MaX does like MaX does……. Choke’s the lezbo wannabe to DEATH & fucks her corpse.
Fetish Elements:   Nudity,  Sexual Content, Hand Strangling, , Necro Sex, Foot Views, Body Views

Strangling Slaves 2

Starring Syncere

BDSM Strangle Death
Her life is full of beating & torment. She has been a slave longer than she can remember. Now is the end.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Bondage, BDSM,  Forced Orgasm, Forced Gagging, BJ,Whipping, Paddling, Caning Choking, Good Strangle, Body Views.

Dead Teen…… Good Handjob……

Starring Amber

On your way into a job interview you enter into the interns office by accident. Seams there has been some foul play. She is dead. Her fuzzy sweater & ample sweater puppies lurs you in for a closer feel. Man does she feel good! 
After a bit of contemplation, groping & fingering you believe the time is right for a good handjob!!! And a good handjob it is. You blow you load all over the fuzzy sweater…. Ahhhhhh….. 

“Now lets get that job” you think to your self
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Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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