Starring Dia

Dia has just got away from her abuser, Grant. Grant is a obsessed psycho. He finds his estranged girlfriend hiding out in a hotel. Dia has been drinking & soaking in the tub. She crawls into bed to relax even more when Grant comes in, snaps her neck & fucks her lifeless body

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Necro, Neck Snap, Body flopping, Body Views

Tormenting The Dead 2

Introducing  Rose & Belle

A young women (Belle) is lying dead, strangled.  A teenage girl (Rose) comes in and finds her friend dead. Time to play with her body & rub her self in the process.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity,  Postmortem, Masturbation, Body Flopping/Moving, Fondling, Body Views

The Rape Kill Necro Fuck Killers

Starring Ryanne, Jack DaaRaper, Dave

A young mother is cleaning her daughter’s room.  2 EVIL men break into Ryanne’s home, not for $, not for valuables. They break in to “Rape & Kill & Necro Fuck” a young mother & her teenage daughter.  The mother Ryanne was not so lucky… Will her daughter be…….

Fetish Elements:   

 Nudity, Necro Sex, Sexual Content, Forced Sex, , Bead Strangling, Foot Worship, Body Views, Body Flopping, Corps Abuse, Limb Play, Natural Bush, Natural Brests, Ryanne FetishFor Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Nerdy Bitch Dies

Starring Angelica

A Nerdy Bitch sits reading her book. Her killer is able to sneak in & get a garrote around her neck. She fights but dies any way. Then the killer pleasures him self with the dead body

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Necro Handjob , Thigh Highs, Necro BJ,  Body Views

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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