Starring Elise MoXXie Maddron

MoXXie decides to pleasure herself while pulling a noose around her neck.  Over time, she works herself up to orgasm, but is unable to regain control, asphyxiates and dies.

Fetish Elements:   (HC) Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Masturbation, Auto-Erotic Asphyxia, Foot Views, Body Views

A Necro Love Story

Starring Samantha Jo

MaX is walking in the woods alone by the river. A young women is lying dead. She has been raped & strangled. MaX takes the women home, cleans her up & makes sweet love to her all night.

Fetish Elements:   (HC) Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Postmortem, Necro HJ, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Limb Play & Flopping during Sex, Ragdolling, Lifting, Carrying

Morgue Score 2

Starring Elise Graves

When the mortician opens the body bag he see’s it’s his lucky day! A hot young women fresh from a strangling death. Time to play!

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Limb Play, Postmortem,  Necro Sex, Pantyhose.

Pain Slut Hybrid Hanging 3

Starring Jasmine

When Jasmine uses her safe word (noise) way to much. MaX Ties her to his block & stretches her neck tit. Tied down & strung up!

Fetish Elements:  Noose Strangle, Nudity, Bondage, Partial Suspension, BDSM,  Whipping, Paddling, Caning, Body pans

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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