Lippy Maid Killed

Starring Syncere

Your maid is a lippy bitch. You are kind enough to employ her illegal ass & give her a place to live. So to get a nice hum job daily is your right. When she threatens to tell your wife…. Well, It’s time for the bitch to die

Fetish Elements:     BJ, Cum Shot, POV,  Postmortem Striping, Body Views

Shooting Missy

Starring Missy

Missy is masturbating. A shooter shoots her in the belly. She continues to masturbate until death.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Masturbation, Pleading, Shooting, Erotic dieing Masturbation, Body Views.

Daddy Killed Me Therapist FUCKED ME

Starring Jessi, Lew Rubins & Grant

Lew takes his teen daughter to the therapist. All they do is fight. After awhile of listening to the same shit he has been listening to for years, Lew snaps. Then strangles his daughter to death & leaves. Grant, the therapist is shocked at what he ha just witnessed. But then he realizes that there is a freshly dead hot teen just sitting there, dead. So Grant does like Grant does. He plays with & fucks the dead body. Now that Grant has had his fun he leaves. Then the dad returns to torment his dead daughter for all the stress she created over the years. Lew ties ropes to his daughters limbs & proceeds to treat her like a puppet. After awhile he decides that a good fondling will be the best way to remember his daughter by.
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Innocence & The Garrote

Starring Heidi

Note: Heidi does a fucking awesome strangle!

A young school girl sits unaware her killer lurks right outside her window. He slips his garrote around her neck & strangles her to death. Once the school girl is dead the killer strips the body & gives him self pleasure with her lifeless hand. Then he leaves & gets him self a maple bar. This guy has good taste!

Fetish Elements:   

 Nudity,  Long Strangle, Body Views, Limb Play, Necro Stripping, School Girl, Implied Necro handjobFor Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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