Auto-Erotic Poison Donut

Starring Dia Zerva

A woman sits with a rope around her neck, looped through a towel rack and down to her foot. Using the pressure of her foot, she can increase the tightness.  She sips wine and eats a donut.   She gets out her magic wand an begins to masturbate while safely increasing the pressure on the rope.  But, is seems her ex lover poisoned the donut and now, no longer in control, strangles herself as she jerks and spasms until she is dead.

Note:  Really good facial reactions and color change.
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Tormenting The Dead

Starring Amber and Samantha Jo

A teenager is lying dead on the bed.  Strangled with a nylon garrote.  Another girl comes in and spend time playing with her body.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity,  Sexual Content, Postmortem, Masturbation, Body Flopping/Moving, Fondling, Body Views, Stockings, Foot Views

Rape ‘N & Choke ‘N

Starring Heidi Robbins

A teenager is sound asleep when a stalker sneaks in and starts messing with her.  She wakes up and he rapes her, controlling her by using his hands to choke her.  He fucks her hard and eventually chokes her to death.  He keeps fucking the dead teenager until shooting his load all over her chest.  He leaves her cum-soaked, violated, and sprawled dead on the bed for her parents to find.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Forced Sex, Hand Strangling, Foot Views, Body ViewsFor Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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