Shooting Dia

Starring Dia Zerva

Dia is fresh out of the shower and she decides to relax and play with herself.  A killer rounds the corner pointing a gun at her. He forces her to keep masturbating, then shoots her in the left breast.  She is in pain, but the pleasure she feels also has her continue masturbating until she dies.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Sexual Content, POV,  Shooting, Body Views.

Sink Drowning

Starring Chloe

A girl is fixing her hair.  You enter behind her and force her head into a sink full of water.  She struggles, but slowly drowns.  After she is dead, her body is shown on the floor in an awkward position, shirt soaked and clinging to her form. You expose her pussy and breasts then leave.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Sexual Content, POV,  Drowning, Body Views

Pure Rape Then Death

Starring Bree

Note:  Instant action!  This one is brutal–brutally HOT.  Check out Bree as she is attacked, fucked and strangled on one incredible scene. A young woman is reading in her bed when a man attacks her.  They struggle wildly until he finally gets her under control an starts fingering her.  But she makes too much noise, so he punches her out. He molests her and sticks his cock in her mouth. She wakes up and they struggle all over as he tried to gain control.  Finally, he is raping her all over the bed.  He wraps her silk robe around her neck and strangles her as he fucks her.  Once she is dead, he repositions her and keeps fucking her until he cums.  He leaves her dead used body sprawled on the bed covered in his cum.
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Bondage Slut Strangled

Starring Samantha Jo

Note:  No set up, you are just watching Sam be strangled, catch a momentary breath, then get strangle some more.  Lots of great view and sounds.  Very HOT!!!

Your in control as you tighten the rope that cuts the girls air off.  She struggles to breath as you pull tighter and tighter until she is dead.

Fetish Elements:  (NSC)  Nudity, Sexual Content, POV,  Strangling,  Bondage, Body Views.

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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