Dead Play

Starring Elise

Note:  This is part of our “POV” series.   The camera is you as you explore this victim

You arrive at the scene and find a young woman, dead, apparently she has been strangled.  You thoroughly go over her entire body.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity,  Sexual Content, POV,  Postmortem, Body Views, Foot Views.

Self Sacrifice Missy

Starring Missy

This is a really sensual and erotic self stabbing.  Let us know if you want to see more like this.

A beautiful woman decides to sacrifice herself to her goddess.  She prepared by stripping her clothes and laying down on an alter amidst flickering candles. She runs her hands throughout the her body, feeling it’s silky smooth skin.  She lets her fingers glide into her most secret places.  Then, she grabs her knife.  She takes it, runs it over her body, along her pussy, licks its sharp blade. Then, she plunges the steel blade into her soft belly.  She writhes in agony and passion.  She gyrates and thrusts in orgasmic delight and absolute pain. Finally, she is still, dead.  A beautiful soul, gone from this world.
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Suspended Choking

Starring Chloe

Note:  This is fantastic.  An unique concept by my production/bondage specialist, Guda.  This puts the girl in bondage peril from the very first second and does not stop until she is hanging dead.  To top it all off, Chloe put in a stellar performance.  Just watch her face go red every time she chokes.  Nothing fake here–she really had to work hard to keep from choking!!!

A young woman has been suspended by her arms for hours.  Around her neck is a noose, one end of which is attached to her legs.  She must hold her legs up to keep from strangling choking herself to death.   She is able to pull her legs up, catch her breath, but she can only hold them so long, and they drop and she chokes.  For hours she has survived this way. But as time moves on, her weakness ultimately will be the death of her.
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Wall Throttle

Starring Heidi Robbins

A young woman is attacked, pulled from her chair and strangled against the wall.  Her feet kick and struggle as the killer lifts her by her throat and strangles her with his bare hands.
When she is dead, he flops her over the chair and fucks her until he shoot his load all over her ass and leave her dead and violated.

Fetish Elements:    Bottomless Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Hand Lift-up Strangle, Necro Fucking, Foot Views.

Horror, Death, Strangling and More…

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