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Not In The Mood

“Not In the Mood”
Starring Ivy Aura and Sgt. Miles
Directed By JohnM


Ivy and her boyfriend Miles are laying in bed. Miles is horny but she just wants to go to bed early. Miles gets her a glass of water but has a trick up his sleeve and it isn’t just water.

Ivy goes down quickly. This is where miles gets to have his fun. He flops her body around testing how well he has knocked her out. He starts stripping Ivy’s limp body touching her getting her pussy all wet. He slides his hard cock in her unconscious mouth, fucking her throat. Moving to her tight pussy he has his way fucking her in all the ways he likes. Finishing on her covering her in hi scum before he flops her back to the position they were sleeping in and tries to wakes her up.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Nurse Audrey’s End

“Nurse Audrey’s End”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Was it the poorly executed enema? The horrible food that was always cold by the time it got to him? Or is it just so damn boring when you’re stuck in the hospital? Whatever the reason, this patient has had enough. He’s a man so bad that he’ll murder his nurse, just to have something to play with. And play he does, stripping her sexy corpse naked and throwing her around like a rag doll. Admittedly, it is more fun than watching someone play Xbox. See what one man will do to kill some time and feel somewhat okay about their phenomenal hospital bill.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Death To Cheaters

“Death to Cheaters”

Starring Savannah Costello & Miera Belle

Miera is sick of Savannah always getting better grades than her. Savannah beating her out for valedictorian was the last straw! On a weekend when Savannah’s parent’s are away, Miera creeps into Savannah’s room while she sleeps. She notices Savannah sleeps in the nude and can’t help but feel attraction for her perfect young body. Miera ties Savannah down and then wakes her up.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Girls Night Out

STARRING: Ivy, Maizee, Karma, Aurora, Vance, and Ezra

Ivy, Maizee, Karma, and Aurora have just gotten back from a spectacular girls night out! Vance has given them all a ride back to their apartment and they are quite tipsy and very energetic. They thank Vance for the ride and on the way out he sets off a gas bomb behind them. He calls Ezra and tells him he has something for him.

They slowly start to die from the gas as it seeps into the room silently. Ivy doesn’t think she’s drunk, so she gets up and starts to pace and half-dance around the room until she collapses on a coffee table, dead.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE