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Wrong Room

“Wrong Room”

Starring Shavelle Love

Exhausted from the gym, Nick is dozing in bed when he is rudely awakened by the drunken stumblings of his sister Shavelle. It seems she’s become confused in her intoxicated state and thinks she is actually in her room. What’s worse, when Nick tries to tell her, it becomes clear that she thinks Nick is her boyfriend! Before Nick can correct her, Shavelle is stroking the crotch of his boxer briefs and begging him to fuck her. Nick shrugs and happily obliges.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Daizy’s Out, Part 1

“Daizy’s Out, Part 1”

Starring Daizy Cooper

Directed by JohnM

Daizy’s back from a night of partying and it looks like she over did it! She stumbles to her bed, before collapsing into a drunken stupor. When her boyfriend finds her, he can’t seem to wake her up, so he starts to undress her for bed. Once she’s naked, however, he just can’t resist playing with her sexy body and floppy limbs, while groping her full, round ass and pretty titties. It’s not until later that he actually checks for a heartbeat. Uh, oh, looks like she’s dead. I guess he better find another girlfriend, but I wonder what he’ll do to her in Part2?For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Fun Turned Deadly

“Fun Turned Deadly”

Starring Christy Love

Directed by JohnM

Will can’t believe that Christy is drunk, again! Well, he’ll teach her to shirk her duties. He’s just going to fuck with her until she wakes up. And fuck with her, he does, throwing her floppy body around on the bed and peeling the clothes off of her sexy body. But it’s all fun and games until somebody finds a corpse, Will suddenly realizing that maybe there is a reason that she’s not waking up. Is she really dead? All I know is that Will has left town and he’s not talking.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Her Exploited Body

“Her Exploited Body”

Starring Amy Faye

Directed by JohnM

Eric has another one on his hands. Another pretty little dead girl. Before he makes her disappear, he needs to have some fun! Enthralled by Amy’s cold flesh, Eric strips her and plays with her limp limbs. He licks her dead pussy and gropes her perky little tits.

He continues to make full use of his latest necro fuck doll. Sliding her little shorts to the side, Eric slides his girthy cock into her lifeless pussy. He rolls her over and drags her body to the edge of the bed, so that he can pound away at her from behind, spanking her cute little ass.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE