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No Escape For Kate

“No Escape For Kate”

Starring Kate Kenzi

Directed by JohnM

We get the treat of playing voyeur in Nathan’s dungeon. His captive subject today is Kate, a young party girl with an athletic body. The punishment begins when Kate’s arms are locked overhead with handcuffs. Nipple clamps and large rope, strung between her pussy lips and rough against her raw clit, upped the ante.

Watch as Nate teases Kate by tightening the noose around her slender neck. Pleasure combines with agony on Kate’s pretty face, while the powerful vibrator is held firmly against her bound twat. She’s surprise how turned on she is… she’s even more surprised when Nathan grits his teeth and bears down on the rope, tightening the slipknot around her neck. Her eyes bulge and tear up as Nate looks on gleefully. For Kate, there is no escape from this fate.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Zoe And A Rope

“Zoe And A Rope”

Starring Zoe Clark

Directed by JohnM

Will has captured a sexy frightened little slut. Zoe stands before him trembling as he demands she take off her clothes, forcing her to strip for him slowly. Once she’s nude he begins to fasten cuffs around her wrists and ankles, ensuring she can’t flea. Pulling her by her hair he moves her towards a noose hanging in the center of the room. Zoe swoons with fear and she begs for him to stop as he lowers the loop around her bent neck. Will’s soulless eyes pierce into her as he pulls the end of the rope tight, lifting the frightened captive to her toes, her eyes bulging as the noose tightens. She struggles to stay on her toes, stretching her sexy feet in an effort to slacken the noose around her delicate neck. He toys with her like this for a bit, enjoying the terror on her helpless face. Eventually, Zoe succumbs to the noose and we watch the light drain from her pretty eyes. Watch her limp body dangle from the rope!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Chained and Choked to Death

“Chained and Choked to Death”

Starring Verronica Kirei & Lexi Tawny

Directed JohnM

Why let boys have all the fun? Cute emo chick, Lexi, has built her own basement dungeon and is excited to try it out. All she needs is some stupid cunt to trick into going down there. That’s where Verronica comes in. This tall, sexy blonde girl is so kind, so innocent, that she readily agreed to let Lexi handcuff her. For a school project, of course.

Once Lexi takes control, Verronica is stripped naked and forced to balance on tip-toes while a noose is tightened around her neck. Frightened and weeping, she struggles to breathe, as Lexi forces her captive’s legs wider and wider apart. Slowly, Verronica’s aching calves begin to fail, allowing the noose to constrict and choke her. Her death is slow and agonizing, hung in a chamber of horrors, while a sadistic Lexi looks on with an amused smile. Her dead body is left to hang, while Lexi researches methods of body disposal, consumed by the excitement of her new hobby.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Just A Prank 2

“Just A Prank 2”

Starring Pepper Kester & Verronica Kirei

Directed by JohnM

Two lithe sexy girls, Pepper and Verronica, dressed only in bikinis, take turns as the other’s bondage plaything; one helplessly bound, while the other flogs, gropes and torments them. Bikini tops are removed, their exposed boobs becoming the target of cruel abuse. Wedgies are given, revealing firm asses, vulnerable to the lash, all while each girl is defenseless. Then, they are left alone to wait for their next torment. All this over some lousy man!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE