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All Cunts Go To Heaven

“All Cunts Go To Heaven”

Starring Alisha Adams

Dressed in short leather shorts and a corset, complete with fuck-me boots, Alisha is gearing up for some kinky sexwork. Her brother Gunner comes home early catches her acting out her fantasies in her slutty outfit and gets a chubby in his jeans. He threatens to spill the beans to their parents unless she helps him spill his load!

Alisha has little choice but to be her big bro’s fuck slave. She strips down, exposing her fat booty and full, succulent hangers. Gunner sucks hungrily on his sister’s nipples, before ordering her on her knees. Alisha obeys and shows off her impressive cock-inhaling skills. Her lovely lips slurp up and down her big bro’s thick shaft. She cradles his balls with a silky gloved hand, taking down the entirety of his impressive meat. Before long, she’s begging Gunner to fuck her.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Jizzabelle

Alexander has a passion for dead girls. He is also a Warlock. He has spent years perfecting the art of re-animation. He has discovered by having sex with a freshly buried girl he can bring them back to be his sexual servant. Jizzabelle was a nice girl. She liked shinny things & men with fast cars. She also liked cocaine–a lot. When her latest fling dumps her for a 18 year old nymphomaniac, she just had to do a big pile of blow. Her heart exploded. Alexander, during a obituary perusing session, finds Jizzabelle’s story. Party time.  A shovel, his lucky rain gear & he is off to do some digging. Once she is free from her earthen grave, Alexander takes his prize to his ceremony spot. His meticulously planned rite is performed to perfection.  After fucking her dead, limp, cold corpse for a while–she comes alive.  Hornier than most in life so is Jizzabelle in death. Her postmortem sexual appetite is voracious. Unlike any Alexander has experienced.  Alexander does his best to keep up with Jizzabelle, but 2 days of solid hard sex has left him in need of some rest. He stores his dead girl in the  fridge.  After some rest, he retrieves the dead girl for some more sex.  Again her sexual appetite is to much for Alexander & he put her back in the fridge for some more rest. Jizzabelle scratches at the door until she is freed to seek cock. She finds it & goes at it again. Alexander has had enough & viciously strangles the dead girl until she is, um–dead–AGAIN. But, she comes back.  She wakes him again. He draws his weapon & double taps the dead girl in the belly & boob. She flies back &….. Dies?…… Or? Alexander is not sure what is going on–he just wants to rest.   He knew she was dead for sure this time. She comes back again. This time Alexander takes a page from every zombie movie ever made.  Head shot.   She falls like a rock.  DEAD!For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Casey All Alone

“Casey All Alone”

Starring Casey Ballerini

Directed by JohnM

Casey is having a horrible day. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and, to make matters even more confusing, she lives with a man that she desires with every fiber of her being. Her dad. He’s strong and driven and so handsome! He can be stern at times, but that’s just because he cares. Just thinking about him makes young Casey all hot and gooey inside. A sudden flare of lust grips the blonde haired beauty and she whips off her clothes so she can touch herself all over. Kneading her mammoth ta-tas and rubbing her pink love muffin until it’s slick and creamy. The wonderful feeling of release puts all her cares to rest and she falls into a contented sleep. What she doesn’t know is that her daddy saw her and he knows what happens to good, little girls when they start ringing Satan’s doorbell. Creeping into her room with a length of cord, he’s determined to send sweet Casey to the Lord before she damns her own soul. Rest in peace, Casey.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Norah’s Pussyhole Stretched

“Norah’s Pussyhole Stretched”

Starring Norah Nova

Norah is stretching in the living room and she’s looking fine in her skin-tight yoga pants. So fine that when daddy sees her hot, flexible body bending over, putting her round ass on display, he’s inspired to help her stretch. But he wants to stretch more than her young, nubile body; he’s looking to stretch out that tight, fresh pussy. Little Norah gets more of a workout than she expected, but she doesn’t mind at all when she’s left sticky with daddy’s cum and a big old smile on her face. Daddy’s not done stretching, however, he wants to stretch out Norah’s pretty neck. So he uses her yoga pants to strangle the life from his little girl. I guess after you warm up, it’s important to cool down and Norah is about to become room temperature.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE