Penny’s Date in the Morgue


Starring Penny Pax and Rock

A horrible tragedy, a young woman was killed. It must have been something terrible because she relieved her bladder either at, or right before, her time of death. Not to mention rigor mortis set into place while she was in a very strange position. Her hands are stuck in some sort of defensive stance, it’s ambiguous at this point as to what she was attempting to block. Whatever it was, she obviously ultimately failed.

Now here she is, stiff and beautiful and dead. The morgue tech cuts off all her clothes. He enjoys doing the destructive act of cutting the garments and it’s not like anyone needs them anymore anyway. He even cuts her socks. This girl has nice feet. Everything about her is nice.

Once the morgue tech breaks rigor in all her limbs, she is floppy and limber and much easier to manipulate. He rolls her over, he sits her up, everything he needs to do in order to remove all her shredded clothing and check her body thoroughly.

He follows normal procedures including swabbing, nail scrapings, UV light, breast tissue massage. She is sent down for an autopsy and then sent back with a fresh, bright red Y-incision on her chest. Then the tech proceeds with embalming. He stuffs the corpses’ mouth and vagina with cotton and pumps her body full of embalming fluid. When he’s satisfied with his work he rebinds her wrists and ankles.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Clothing Destruction, Rigor Mortis, Breaking Rigor, CSI, Embalming, Rag Dolling, Limp Fetish, Y Incision, Body Flopping, Rolling, Foot Views, Body Views.