Beautiful Aria


Starring Aria Alexander and Rock

Another tragic mystery. A young school teacher has mysteriously died in the middle of class. She was adored by her 2nd grade class. They were scared and sad when the paramedics came and wheeled her away, even though they didn’t quite understand what was going on.

Her death is still a mystery when her body arrives at the morgue. She is still fully dressed in her smart, professional attire. Pencil skirt, nice top, cardigan. It’s not until the morgue tech strips off her teacher uniform that he realizes she is actually really sexy. He takes his time stripping off her clothing, relishing the transformation from tasteful attire to the sexy lingerie beneath.

Now it’s time to begin basic morgue procedures. The tech takes nail scrapings and internal temperature, checks her eyes, swabs her mouth and vagina, and rolls her over to check her back thoroughly. He saves the samples in evidence bags so that they can be processed in the lab. Any clues to solve this mysterious death will be helpful to the CSI team.

This tech really loves his job, and this girl was SO beautiful. He just can’t stop staring at her. She was probably a really commanding person to talk to. She was probably so charming. She seems like she was one of those people you just love to be around. He can’t resist, he wants to remember this one. So he takes a quick selfie with her.

He continues with the investigation of her lovely body, then binds her wrists and ankles and sends her off for an autopsy. When she comes back, he cuts her bindings and pumps her full of embalming fluid. Even with a huge Y-shaped incision on her chests she is one of the loveliest things he’s ever seen. What a shame to put such beautiful flesh in the ground. At least he got one picture with her.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Postmortem, CSI, Stripping, Limp Fetish, Rag Dolling, Body Flopping, Swabbing, Lingerie, Embalming, Y-Incision, Foot Views, Body Views.