Password Protected 2

“Password Protected 2”

Starring Ember Stone

MaX, a self-proclaimed “international fucking spy”, is creeping into the secret offices of a high security military installation. In his hand is a sinister looking black silenced pistol. He soon finds the laptop he is looking for, but is unable to access the files he came for, since they are hidden behind a sophisticated encryption. He will need someone who knows the password to access the secret files.

Just as he’s realizing this, he hears the sound of approaching footsteps. Someone wearing high heels by the sound of it. He hides behind a nearby couch seconds before Lt. Ember Stone comes into the room. Lt. Stone notices that her laptop has been disturbed and, upon closer inspection, sees that someone has attempted to access classified files. Like a good soldier, she immediately moves to radio base security. However, her call for backup will be thwarted.

MaX attacks Ember from behind and knocks the radio from her hand. He wraps his bicep around her delicate neck and squeezes with all of his might. The petite female officer struggles and thrashes, but is no match for the surprise attack from the much larger opponent. She is soon knocked out from lack of blood flow to the brain.

MaX hoists up the sexy lieutenant and places her on the desk. He is tempted to strip her out of that uniform and have his way with her, but he needs the password first. He pulls her shirt up and tugs her pencil skirt down, exposing her taught belly. He aims his pistol at her stomach and fires.

Ember gasps as the bullet tears through her flesh. MaX is merciless, firing multiple shots into the injured soldier. Ember begs and whimpers pitifully. Despite her pleas for a quick death, MaX is insistent on getting the password. Eventually, Ember gives it up, thinking MaX may show her mercy.

Confirming the password, MaX decides Ember owes him some fun for all of the trouble she caused. He plays with her perky pierced nipples and tears away at her pantyhose. Ember moans in agony and disbelief as MaX shoves his cock in her dying cunt and plows away until he’s satisfied. As a final coup de grace, MaX places the silencer of his gun in Ember’s pussy and fires. Pink mist sprays in the air as Ember’s body convulses then lies still. MaX collects the files he came for then makes a hasty exit.

Fetish Elements: Partial Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Stripping, Violence, Strangling, Shooting, Belly Shot, Blood, Begging, Terror, Fucking, Pantyhose, High Heels, Flop, Multi-Shooting, Coughing Blood, Gun in Pussy, Shot in Pussy, Bleeding Pussy, Body Views, Foot Views. 

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