All Cunts Go To Heaven

“All Cunts Go To Heaven”

Starring Alisha Adams

Dressed in short leather shorts and a corset, complete with fuck-me boots, Alisha is gearing up for some kinky sexwork. Her brother Gunner comes home early catches her acting out her fantasies in her slutty outfit and gets a chubby in his jeans. He threatens to spill the beans to their parents unless she helps him spill his load!

Alisha has little choice but to be her big bro’s fuck slave. She strips down, exposing her fat booty and full, succulent hangers. Gunner sucks hungrily on his sister’s nipples, before ordering her on her knees. Alisha obeys and shows off her impressive cock-inhaling skills. Her lovely lips slurp up and down her big bro’s thick shaft. She cradles his balls with a silky gloved hand, taking down the entirety of his impressive meat. Before long, she’s begging Gunner to fuck her.

More than happy to comply, Gunner lays Alisha down and fills his sister’s juicy cunt up with his meaty cock. Once again, Alisha shows off her hooker techniques, sitting Gunner down and bouncing her big white ass up and down on his rock-hard dick; her tits heaving mightily as she bounces. Gunner places his sister on all fours and pounds away at her from behind, admiring her thick rump. He fills his little sis with what feels like gallons of hot goo.

Once satisfied, Gunner admits that he doesn’t trust his slutty hooker of a sister. He disposes of her by choking her with her own dominatrix whip. She gurgles and flails, struggling to escape, but her big bro is simply too strong. Gunner leaves Alisha’s defiled body to cool on the couch, his seed dribbling out of her twat. He’d rather clean that mess up later.

 Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Stripping, Leather, Whip, Gloves, Boots, Blow Job, Fucking, Taboo, Choking, Garrote Strangulation, Strangling, Death, Necro, Body Views.

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