Badge to Worse

“Badge to Worse” 

Starring Loni Legend and Miles

Loni is an officer hunting down a bandit on the loose. She’s closing in on him when he grabs her from behind and puts her in a headlock. She pulls out a knife from her belt but he grabs her wrist and, winning the struggle, stabs her in the belly. She collapses in pain, and he removes her pants and shirt. 

Then he pulls her own gun on her, ordering her to remove her bra. He shoots her in each tit and once in the belly. She slides to a sitting position in the corner of the room and passes out. The bandit grabs her by the ankles and drags her over to the couch, removing her panties. 

Lifting her only by one ankle and one wrist, the bandit tosses the unconscious Loni onto the couch and slides his cock inside of her. Still passed out, he fucks her, flipping her over and holding her limp body up by the throat. Just as she comes around he stabs her right in between the shoulder blade while he’s still fucking her. When he’s finished, he removes her boots and socks, and shoves the gun in between her ass cheeks. He fires a shot right into her ass and she dies in shock and horror and pain.

Then the bandit flips her body back over so she’s facing upward, stuffs her badge in her mouth, and leaves her sprawled on the couch bleeding and fucked.

Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Stabbing, Shooting, Tit Shot, Belly Shot, Ass Shot, Headlock, Fighting, Fucking, Blood, Boot Removal, Sock Removal, Forced Stripping. 


Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

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