Don’t Dress Like A Slut

“Don’t Dress Like A Slut”

Starring Shavelle Love

Little Shavelle is all dressed up to tease some cocks, in a tight cocktail dress that just begs for male attention. She tries to creep out past her curfew, but Daddy is still awake and catches her in the act. Outraged at what his little girl is wearing, Daddy bends Shavelle over his knee and spanks her fat ass. “Is this what you want?”, he asks as he hikes up her dress and roughly toys with her naughty little pussy. He feels her quickly get wet and it’s clear Shavelle is sorely in need of some dick.

Daddy makes Shavelle earn it, ordering her to pull down her dress, revealing her big full breasts. Whipping out his thick meaty cock, Daddy makes Shavelle show him her head-bobbing skills. She doesn’t disappoint Daddy, paying special attention to the balls like a good little slut. Daddy puts Shavelle on the table where they eat dinner and so he can snack on her delicious little snatch, before sliding his girthy cock inside. Shavelle rides Daddy like a good girl until they both cum hard, but he’s still mad at her… Daddy throws his little girl to the couch and proceeds to choke the life out her. He won’t have her growing up to be like her mother.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Blow Job, Taboo, Fucking, Fingering, Spanking, Big Tits, Pierced, Tattoos, Brunette, Choking, Strangulation, Death, Body Views, Foot Views.

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