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Executed Soldier In The Morgue

Starring Allie James and Rock 

Directed By MaX CoXXX

Soldier Allie James has been captured by terrorists, they tie her up and turn on the camera and film her getting shot in the head, then leave her and the tape for the Americans to find.

Stateside, Allie’s body ends up in the morgue. Rock, the morgue tech, starts by relieving her rigor, then starts to take pictures, while stripping her.

He examines her body, swabs her mouth and takes her fingerprints.

He examines her mouth, and her pussy, then scrapes her fingernails.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Willow’s Trip To The Morgue

Starring Willow and Newt Guyovitch 

Directed By MaX CoXXX

Willow is home talking on the phone to her friend, when an intruder sneaks in, garrote in hand and sneaks up behind her and wraps it around her neck and strangles her till dead.

He strips her, then pulls out his cock and fucks her corpse, then leaves her for the authorities to find.

Later, in the morgue, Willow is ready for examination. Newt, the morgue tech, unzips the body bag and pulls her out. He notes the level of rigor mortis, and starts to massage her limbs to relieve the rigor.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Morticians Lucky Day

Starring Viva, Victoria Verve, Lumin and Torro

Directed By MaX CoXXX

A horrible tragedy has occurred, Viva’s whole family was killed in a terrible accident and she is the sole survivor. She goes to the funeral home to make funeral arrangements, where she meets head mortician Torro. It’s someones lucky day, but not Viva’s, as she explains what happened to her family, Torro gets behind her and pulls out a garrote and strangles her, once dead, he lays her down on his desk and fucks her, then disposes of the body.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE