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Sudden Strike

“Sudden Strike”

Starring Melissa Moore

Directed JohnM

Melissa sits on her couch you come in, pleasantly surprised to see you she begins to do a sexy dance for you, surely her sissy can’t please you the way she does. She tells you to take a seat while she explores her body for you. She presses her volumnous breasts together and strips down to her purple lace thong.

Pulling it off she spreads he legs and her pussy wide letting you take in the view, fantasizing about what your cock look like as she rubs her clit gleaming with her juices. A perfect pussy deserves a perfect cock. Pulling out a dildo she pushes it to the back of her throat getting is soaking wet with slobber. She rubs your cock up and down her pretty pussy before shoving it in letting cute little squeels of wanton lust escape from her lips. She pushes it all the way in, telling you how good you feel.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bad Karma 4

“Bad Karma 4”

Starring Lea Lexis & Verronica Kirei

Directed by JohnM

Two sexy girls, Lea and Verronica, dressed only in bikinis, have quite the rivalry and it’s gone too far. They take turns being the object of subjugation; one helplessly bound, while the other flogs, gropes and torments them. Bikini tops are removed, their exposed boobs become the target of cruel abuse. Their bare tits  vulnerable to the lash, all while each girl is defenseless. Then, they are left alone to wait for their next torment.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bad Date 3

“Blind Date 3”

Staring Maddie O’Reilly

Directed by JohnM

Maddie sits on the couch telling her best friend about a terrible date and time she has had with a guy who has been a bit of a creeper. Quick to dismiss his strange behavior she promises her friend that he wouldn’t hurt her and hangs up. Just as she puts the phone down the “man of the hour” rushes in and drags her to the floor. Absolutely terrified she screams and demands to know what he is doing in her house. He uses a taser on her and she quickly realizes fighting won’t get her out of this. She begs to be let go as his fist pounds into her side. He cuffs her and begins feeling her up, lifting up her skirt to force his fingers inside her. A little dry, so he shoves his fingers in her mouth to get them wet. She begs to be let go before the crazed lunatic chokes her. Seeing she won’t play along, he tazes multiple times before choking her again and then tazing her in the neck. She passes out.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Ember on the Rack

“Ember on the Rack”
Starring Ember Stone

Direct by JohnM


Opening on a young girl, Ember, tied up from the wrists and attached to the ceiling, she terrified as she’s been captured against her will and made to wear a tiny pink bikini.

Ember dangles and lifts her petite feet trying to get a little more comfortable but she cannot shake her nerves, especially when her captor comes to the basement and begins to look her over stroking her legs with his flogger and slowly pealing back her bikini top exposing her pierced nipples.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE