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Personal Hell


Starring Pepper Kester

Pepper is dead. Her body is in the morgue, post autopsy. Her vacant body lays on the gurney, stuff and prepped with her ankles and wrists bound and a Y incision fresh and bright in her chest. It’s a sin to commit suicide. Hanging yourself is a dreadful way to go. A demon version of her former self appears and kisses the sole of her foot, leaving a lipstick print.

Suddenly Pepper wakes up in a dark, strange place. What is this place? Whatever it is, it’s terrifying. There is an ominous chill to the whole place. Pepper is naked. She feels an overwhelming evil presence and attempts to run to safety and freedom. But there is no way out. The shock and fear are too much and she passes out on the cold stone floor. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Valentina’s Misfortune


Starring Valentina Nappi and Miles

A mysterious tragedy has left a beautiful woman naked and full of bloody bullet holes. There was some kind of mass shooting at the local mall, but details are still unknown. All of the victims were women in their 20s with dark hair. Any information beyond that is a mystery.

One of the victims is an incredibly beautiful woman with a voluptuous body and a lovely face. She looks strangely familiar… The morgue technician admires her through the plastic. Where does he know her from? He wracks his brain. He starts to feel aroused as he’s touching her body through the plastic. Ah, that’s it. She’s a famous porn star! Wow. And here she is on his table. What a treat. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Adios Niña


Starring Karma Leone, Kiki Sweet, and Javier

After a fun night at the club with some friends, Karma arrives home. She places her purse on the table and lets out a heavy sigh. It’s been a long week. All she wants to do is flop herself on the bed. But before she can make this seemingly simple desire happen, a man with pantyhose over his head jumps out of her closet, startling her.

He must be with Mickey. She owes him money. She pleads with him, asserting that she will get the money somehow. But it seems like Mickey and his henchman have had enough. He jumps her, wrapping a piece of rope tightly around her throat, crushing her windpipe. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Uncomfortable Mystery V


Starring Jessi Summers, Miles, Rock, and Bolly Wood

Jessi is on the phone with her boyfriend, who is also part of the mob. She just finished ingesting the cocaine pellets. She’s scared, but she’s ready to do the drug run. She lays down on the couch, her feet are fidgety. She gets up to leave her apartment, but suddenly she is rushed by a strange intruder.

Some time later, Jessi is found dead, sprawled on her apartment floor. A CSI team arrives to investigate the scene. They inspect her body thoroughly, picking up her limbs, rolling her over, checking her legs and feet. Looks like the serial killer has struck again. They lift the body into a bodybag and she is taken to the morgue. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE