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Bad Karma 7

“Bad Karma 7”

Starring Kendra Lynn & Sylvia Strange

Directed by JohnM

Sylvia caught her college roommate Kendra pinching nugs from her stash! Harsh karma, brah! She hatched a plot to punish Kendra. Watch as the kinky, sexy punishment unfolds before your very eyes! Sylvia intends to teach Kendra that good friendships, like good BDSM, is all about give and take.

What sort of give and take, you ask? They take each other’s bikini tops, for one thing, letting both pairs of bouncing, beautiful boobs spill out, as well as taking heaps of brutal punishment at the hands of a cruel, but seductive hottie.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Zoey’s Final Vlog

STARRING: Zoey Laine and Javier

Zoey is prepping for her daily lingerie vlog. She begins her broadcast, showing off a skimpy black number. She is interrupted by her limo driver, she is throwing a huge party tonight and needs to get ready, cutting the video a little short. She answers the door, he’s a little early, but that’s okay. She turns her back for a moment and he is upon her, a plastic bag sliding over her head. He drags her to the bed as she struggles to breathe. Finally she passes out and he begins stripping her lingerie, replacing it with a black leather outfit hat will fit his medieval punishments to come.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Last Performance

“Last Performance”
Starring Pepper Kester
Directed by JohnM

Peppers a vicious killer sentenced to death.

She is given her requested execution clothing.  She sexily strips off her prison garb and gets dressed.

Later, she is in the execution chamber. She does a sexy strip tease for the guard and then gets noosed and ready.

She drops and struggles violently, slowly hanging until death.

She is laid out and stripped for all to see.

Fetish Elements:  Stripping, Dancing, Hanging, Body Views, Foot Views.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Next Level

“The Next Level” 

Starring Stephanie Staar & Olive

Max and Stephanie have both said that they want to take their relationship to the next level, but I don’t think they’re on the same page with what that means. Stephanie tries to surprise Max by bringing home another sexy and wild, little hottie, hoping for a down and dirty threesome. Max is reluctant at first, but when Stephanie pulls out a black strap-on and starts going down on the other woman, making her moan and squirm on the bed, next to him, he feels his cock twitch. They pull each other’s tits out, lick at each other in the most intimate areas and put on a hot, girl-on-girl show that would raise the dead. Max soon has his stiff cock out, which the new girl devours like it’s her last meal. Obviously inspired by the human centipede, their new slut puts on the strap-on and shoves it into Stephanie from behind, while Max crams his fat dick into the dark-haired whore. Every thrust pushes his cock deeper into her tight cunt, and pushes the strap-on phallus further up into Stephanie, causing them both to gasp and moan. But Stephanie wants to go further. She asks to be dominated.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE