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Lily’s Final Fuck


Starring Lily LaBeau and Rock

Lily is a college cheerleader and her boyfriend picks her up after cheer practice. They start making out, her white cotton panties peeking out beneath her cheer skirt as she unzips his pants and starts giving him a blowjob. After sucking his cock for a while, she stands up to take her panties off, but leaves the cheer skirt on and hops on top of him.

She rides his cock, giggling and moaning as she pulls a gun out from under her pillow. The sound of the cocking gun causes Rock to become immediately alert, and he grabs the gun right as she points it at his face. He manages to turn the gun around as they continue to fuck. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Alice’s Execution


Starring Alice Whyte and Rock

Alice has been captured and she’s scared and cold, pacing around her cell in a little dress. Then a big man with a gun comes in and forces her to strip at gunpoint. She reluctantly complies, removing her clothing and trying to cover her body. The man taunts her with his gun for a while, and then pushes her to her knees.

He shoots her in the back of the head and she hits the ground hard. She dies immediately, facedown on the hard concrete. He flips her body over and leaves her sexy dead body behind as the blood pools from her head. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Morgue Perspective One


Starring Pepper Kester, Willow Hayes, Larae Bovee, Anne, Lily LaBeau, Victoria Verve, Loni Legend, Viva, Miles, and Breezy.

This is raw footage from a reality television show that was never picked up by a network. In it, a small film crew documents the daily events of a city morgue. This particular episode depicts the aftermath of a brutal wedding massacre. A bride and her 7 bridesmaids have been brought to the morgue for examination.

The crew examines two bodies at a time. They undress them by cutting their clothing and check the bodies thoroughly on all sides. Then they take nail scrapings, photos, temperatures, and measurements of each body. Finally, they bind their wrists and ankles.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Psycho Shower Slasher


Starring Katarina Kay and Miles

Katarina is home alone and decides to take a shower. She’s scrubbing her hot, tight body, enjoying the warm, soapy water on her skin when a mysterious man in a blond wig silently creeps up behind her, opens the shower door and stabs her several times in the back.

Sliding down the shower wall, her body is slick with water and soap and blood. Screaming and crying, her body contorts as she falls out the shower door, trying to crawl to help and safety.

She doesn’t make it. She dies, her eyes rolling up and her gaze becoming glassy as blood leaks from her mouth. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE