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Cam Girl Bagging


Starring Aspen Ora

Aspen is a cam girl. She has many devoted fans, but this evening she is having a special sexy one on one with Steve, he loves looking at her sexy feet and legs, bare and stockinged. He sent her a special gift, which she opens once they are both online. It’s a necklace, she puts it on and asks if he wants a sexy show.

She shows her nylon feet to the webcam, and he tells her to take off her nylons, and she shows him her smooth bare legs and feet, then he asks her to do a sexy strip tease for him, she does and soon is naked. He asks her to get some seran wrap from the kitchen, and she gets up to grab it, little does she know that the necklace is a mind control necklace, he has been giving her light orders so the control sneaks up and takes hold of her.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Unfortunate Saga


Starring Lily LaBeau and Rock

Lily is crying and full of guilt as she tells the officer about the accident/ She had argued with her friends and used her spare key to try to drive home, but she didn’t even know when had hit someone until she heard about the hit-and-run over the radio and saw the evidence of blood on the bumper of her car.

After confessing herself to the officer, Lily is placed in a prison cell. She’s trying to get off early on good behavior. When the guard comes over to her cell, she’s sweet to him and perky. But the guard has some bad news to bear. There has been a recent increase in DUIs and the DA wants to make an example of her by executing her on television.For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Infidelity Injection


Starring Jessi Summers and Javier

After a long week, Jessi is spending a night in watching tv, lounging in her panties. She’s sitting on the couch deciding what to watch when there’s a knock at the door. It’s a man she’s never seen before, but he says he’s been sent by her husband to punish her for cheating on him. Shocked, Jessi begs to know how he found out and what is to become of her.

The mysterious man takes her by the arm and leads her into the bedroom, laying her face up on the bed. She repeatedly insists that she’s embarrassed and she’ll never do it again, but the man doesn’t care. Extracting a syringe from his pocket, he informs her that it’s too late and that he must inject her. If she complies, no one will find out what she did and it will look like she died of natural causes. Otherwise, everyone, including her parents, will know what a dirty slut she is. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE