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Killing Kate


Starring Kate England and Rock

Kate is a sexy spy— watch her get killed in multiple ways. Various scenarios, deaths, sets, and levels of nudity. She begins with a hot spy outfit including a short black skirt, white collared shirt, black bra and panties, black pantyhose, and sexy back heels.

In each vignette, Kate loses at least one article of clothing. By the end of this movie she is wearing only panties. She is killed in various ways. She is shot several times, strangled, stabbed, sometimes physically violated. As the killer strangles her, he rubs her pussy through her pantyhose. Or he puts his mouth on her pussy through her pantyhose as he strokes her with his gun, preparing her for her ultimate demise. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bathroom Break


Starring Pepper Kester, Lily LaBeau, and Rock

Two spy girls dressed in smart business suits are taking a bathroom break. Sitting on top of the toilet, Pepper pulls up her skirt, moves her panties to the side and starts touching her pussy. She’s been horny all day and just needs to let loose. Lily sits in the stall next to her, chatting on the phone.

Quietly, an assassin enters the bathroom. He slowly lowers a pice of rope into Lily’s stall and and lifts her up by the throat. She struggles against the rope, shocked by the sudden threat to her life. Meanwhile, Pepper is oblivious, she’s so close to climaxing. The assassin secures the rope to the stall wall and leaves Lily hanging there while he goes to deal with Pepper. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Fate of Kate


Starring Kate England and Rock

After a long day of shopping, Kate is getting ready for a date with her boyfriend. They haven’t been going out very long and she wants to impress him, so she gives herself plenty of time to get ready. She takes off all her clothes and puts on sexy black panties and matching bra (just in case!), accompanied by some thigh high nude stockings and a garter belt. Then she slides a sexy black dress on over all that and her favorite necklace. She’s feeling hot and ready to go. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

A Rough Night at the Office


Starring Norah Nova and Rock

Norah has to work late again. It’s been such a long couple of weeks. Ever since her co worker Emma went missing she’s had twice the amount of work and she’s just been swamped. Her disappearance is still a mystery as no evidence has been found to her whereabouts, but Norah thinks it was the man who was fired on the same day. She’s been trying to tell HR about her speculation, but they have no evidence to prove anything.

Her boyfriend, worried about her safety, urges her to check that the alarm is activated. She does, and it’s set like it always is. She goes back to work, trying to get everything done so she can be home with at least enough time to watch a little television before she goes to bed. She’s so hard at work that she doesn’t see the man enter the room. For Details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE